‘Game of Thrones’ season 8 ending: Fan theories and reflections

‘Game of Thrones’ season 8 ending: Fan theories and reflections

‘Game of Thrones’ season 8 ending: Fan theories and reflections

Henry Martinez of Ennis, TX writes:

I have my wife to thank for introducing me to “Game of Thrones.” She was already mired in the world of Westeros through the George R.R. Martin novels, and I was quickly hooked.

As a bit of a TV historian myself, GoT stands apart to me from any series prior because of its grand scale and epic storytelling. But at its core, this story is about family. The Starks, Lannisters and Targaryens aren’t all that different from the Corleones, the Whites or the Sopranos.

It’s about choices made and their consequences, both intended and unintended. Anyone with a family, like me, can surely empathize. I don’t know if “Game of Thrones” will end up being the greatest television show of all time, but it almost certainly will have the crown of most visceral and impactful.


Linda M. of Winthrop, MA writes:

I did not watch the first seasons of GOT when it originally aired. But my son, Anthony did. And so did his friends. Our house became “the spot.” I would cook for anyone who was hungry, it was a casual open house for whomever was available to join. Dinner, fresh baked cookies and we could have anywhere from 5-12 people.

It became the modern-day equivalent of the Sunday dinner that I so enjoyed growing up. Family and/or good friends catching up on the prior week.

It was great fun, but now Anthony lives in LA. We all miss enjoying it together, but catching up on the latest storylines is still an additional impetus to call one another.


Elizabeth Pachus of Needham, MA writes:

Every Sunday night a large group from my dorm watches together and then we debrief afterwards. We are devastated that school ends before the finale and we will all have to watch who ends up on the Iron Throne (fingers crossed for a Stark) from our respective households.


Renee Aubuchon of San Francisco, CA writes:

I remember when the TV series “Lost” ended a number of years ago. I felt somewhat set adrift. Where will I go for great, engaging storylines and characters now? Eventually “Game of Thrones” came along, and I have been enchanted.

It’s been great, because multiple generations of my family have watched the show and then discussed our reactions. I never have been a fan of the graphic sex and violence. I have tolerated that so I can continue to experience the lives of the characters.


Sandra Burgess of Herndon, VA writes:

“Game of Thrones” has been the first topic where my friends, family, and coworkers — all whom are vastly different — will discuss and have deep conversations about actions, meanings, hopes, and perspectives. Similar to sports, we all are rooting for someone completely different and have our own reasons why.

The show has opened up doorways of deep communication with individuals I’ve never had the experience with previously. Similar to real life and unlike other television shows, in “Game of Thrones” anything can happen at any time. You love the main character that’s in every episode? HA. They die the next week. Excited to think you’ve figured out a particular even that’ll occur next? Nope. A new event occurs, crumbling your outlook.

The characters are relatable, both the seemingly “nice” and the seemingly “bad.” The spins, twists, and turns of “Game of Thrones” has been an amazing ride and I’ll miss the opportunities for camaraderie it allowed us to build as fans.

As far as my prediction for who will ‘win’ — I believe Bran will eventually sit upon the Throne, with Jon going back to the “true north.”


David Chatfield of Los Angeles, CA writes:

The show has just been such a source of excitement and enjoyment for me. I host a weekly “Game of Thrones” viewing party with friends (we’ve been meeting since season 2), and I can honestly say that I look forward to new seasons more than any film release (including “Avengers” and “Star Wars.”) Additionally, the show has become a favorite of my eldest daughter’s, so it gives us so much to talk and theorize about. I’ll miss the show tremendously!


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Neymar: PSG to appeal Brazilian forward’s three-match ban after star is punished for fan confrontation

Neymar: PSG to appeal Brazilian forward’s three-match ban after star is punished for fan confrontation

Neymar: PSG to appeal Brazilian forward’s three-match ban after star is punished for fan confrontation

The Brazilian landed himself in hot water last month after a video posted by a spectator at the Coupe de France final appeared to show him striking a fan after a brief confrontation.

The French Football Federation (FFF) announced the sanction on Friday, with the punishment also including a two-game suspended ban.

Unhappy with what it considers the severity of the sanction, PSG is contesting the ban with the FFF High Commission of Appeal.

“Given the insults endured by several Paris players, including Neymar, at the end of the Coupe de France final, and the various elements submitted to the committee by Paris Saint-Germain in the player’s defence, the club considers this sanction severe,” said a PSG statement.

The Parisian team lost the match against Rennes 9-8 on penalties after the game itself had finished 2-2. The encounter took place after the match, when the team was walking up the stands to collect their runners-up medals.

In video posted on social media, the Brazilian can be seen on his way to collect his medal when he appears to have been riled by a fan. He pauses and reaches out with his hand, appearing to strike the fan briefly in the face. He then continues to walk up the stairs to the presentation ceremony.

One video of the encounter was posted by Alex Bernardo, identified by sports media as Neymar’s image consultant.

In it he claims the fan appears to be insulting the PSG players as they walk past, calling Gianluigi Buffon a “buffoon,” Marco Verratti a “racist” and telling the striker, “Neymar, learn how to play football!”

“I’m not going to debate if this was the correct way to deal with the issue,” Bernardo wrote in the comments. “These players are heated after losing a final and an idiot provokes them. Doesn’t he have some blame?

“Neymar, as always, defended his teammates.”

Tight match

The Brazilian ace’s game started well, whipping in the cross for Dani Alves’ opening goal, before scoring his side’s second, a sumptuous chip over Rennes keeper Tomas Koubek.

However, PSG defender Kimpembe steered the ball into his own net, and Rennes’ Edson Mexer headed in a cross to equalize at 2-2 and take the game to extra time and, eventually, penalties.

Neymar scores during the final against Rennes.

In the shootout Neymar also slotted his penalty home, but the Parisians couldn’t match the Brittany team’s accuracy — Rennes converted all six spot-kicks to PSG’s five. The win handed Rennes its first major trophy in 48 years.

The post-game altercation wasn’t the only moment of nastiness, with PSG’s French striker Kylian Mbappe sent off on the 118th minute for a high lunge at Damien Da Silva, landing his studs on the French defender’s right leg.

More trouble for Neymar?

Neymar was recently banned from European competition by UEFA for a Instagram post criticizing match officials in charge of the French club’s defeat to Manchester United in March — the player was incensed that a last minute penalty was awarded to United using the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) system.

He’ll serve a three-match suspension as punishment, all to be served in next season’s group stage, as PSG is no longer in this year’s competition.

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