As you transition into a new version of yourself, a new experience or a new day, skillfully,
metabolize the thing that is ending,
just as your body metabolizes food… it keeps what’s nourishing and eliminates the rest as waste. To decipher, breakdown or “digest” the experience and carry over what is nourishing…Ask your self :
•What do I appreciate and what worked for me? •What new clarity or inspiration did I receive? What was confusing that then became clear?
•How did this cause a shift in me, or how did who I am shift? •What am I ready to release? •What do I intend to create? How do I want to feel? •What questions do I need answers to and who can point me in the right direction?
-Another suggestion to read more on this topic, a fabulous book by Henry Cloud called “Necessary endings”, a must read?. Breathe, believe and achieve.
My self love affirmation for today:
The best is yet to come.
?? #afirmaciones
Lo mejor está por venir.
?? #affirmazioni
Il meglio deve ancora venire.

And so it is.

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